2017 Lake Tansi Phone Book issued

The 2017 Lake Tansi Village Phone Directory was delivered to all resident mailboxes in mid-January. Copies are also available at the Lake Tansi POA office. The phone book, updated annually, is published and distributed as a community service project by the Lake Tansi Exchange Club. The blue pages, at the front of the book, contain vital information for Tansi residents, including emergency contacts, local medical and service agencies and contact numbers for all Lake Tansi activities and clubs.

Exchange Club members also maintain the database of Tansi residents for the white pages and solicit ads from local merchants and service providers for the advertising section. Twenty-nine club members devoted their time and energy canvassing Cumberland County and beyond to generate the 174 ads appearing in the 2017 phone book. Net proceeds from the sale of advertising help fund Cumberland County child abuse prevention programs through the Exchange Club/Holland J. Stephen’s Center as well as providing support for other local public service organizations, the principal charitable goals of the Lake Tansi Exchange Club.

The front cover of the 2017 phone book was composed by Larry Robertson from a photograph taken by Charles Carter, owner and drone operator of Vintage Point Aerial Video and Photography. He mapped the entire Lake Tansi Village, including a detailed survey of the golf course, in 2016.

The directory reflects a continuing influx of new residents, occupying newly-built homes as well as houses and condominiums on the market here in the Lake Tansi community. New residents are added to the database as the information is made available by the POA office. Tansi residents not currently in the directory or who wish to make changes to their entries are invited to contact the co-chairs of the phone book committee, Les and Judi Elam, at 788-1300 or toadhall2@charter.net.

Support the Advertisers

The businesses and professionals who advertise in the yellow pages recognize that the Lake Tansi community is a valued source of business. The Exchange Club encourages residents to patronize the advertisers. When doing this, tell them about seeing their ad in the Lake Tansi Phone Book.

Residents and time-share visitors can enhance their local shopping experience by using the “Crossville Treasure Trail,” a two-page spread at the beginning of the yellow pages featuring a map of the area identifying advertisers specializing in antiques, gifts and collectibles.

New Members Welcome

The Lake Tansi Exchange Club was organized in 1986 and today has more than 50 active members. They invite all Lake Tansi residents to join them in their efforts to give back to the community. If interested, attend a meeting as a guest of a member or call Club President Judi Hartman at 337-5465 and she will be pleased to answer questions and introduce you to the club.

In addition to the phone book project, the Exchange Club sponsors several other Tansi-based events to entertain the community and raise funds for their charitable activities. Principal activities include the Exchange Club golf tournament at the Lake Tansi course in June and the “One Nation Under God” Veterans Day recognition breakfast in November. And each month, the club’s “Road Gang” picks up the accumulated trash along the two-mile stretch of Dunbar Rd. extending from the Brown School to War Eagle Dr.