A Partner Member Spotlight

Talk about a one-stop shopping place. We’re gathering some of the latest and greatest products and services in the industry. You could get a chance to tell what makes you the Latest and Greatest at the 2016 ADP Annual Convention.

Not long ago, ADP did a survey that indicated that 34% of the Publisher members chose “Products and Services to Grow Business” as the primary reason for joining ADP. This was the highest rated reason. And the Partner members chose Networking and the Annual Convention as their primary reasons for joining ADP. In an effort to satisfy the current membership as well as to attract new members, ADP and the Partner Committee have been working on a new session for the annual convention called “The Industry’s Latest and the Greatest”.

The goals are to create an opportunity for Publisher members to learn what is new in the industry that might help them in their business. In addition, it will provide a platform for new Partner members to introduce themselves and for existing Partner members to expose the audience to new products and services that the Publisher members may not know they offer.

The session would be broken into up to 5-minute segments. The moderator would introduce each presenting company, say a little about the company and the presenter, and the presenter would have no more than 5 minutes to tell the audience what they consider to be the most important aspects of their newest innovations or services. A timer would be visible to both the presenter and the moderator, and the moderator would have a horn or something to rudely indicate that the time was up. All presenters must agree in advance that they must wrap-up their presentation immediately if the time limit is exceeded.

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