et more business with a Trusted Local Partner Seal.

The reputation of a business is an extremely valuable commodity. If customers believe an organization is trustworthy and will do what they promise, that builds the foundation for a successful company. Trusted Local Partners can effectively show directory owners and other businesses their integrity and dedication to best practices with an ADP seal.

How to Use the Trusted Local Partner Seal to Demonstrate Trust

The Trusted Local Partner™ Seal shows a holder has been verified and proven to meet high standards. Placed on a website or listed on the ADP website and on the Trusted Local Directory™, the seal speaks volumes to potential partners. Here’s some ways you can use the Trusted Local Partner Seal to build trust.

Add the Trusted Local Partner Badge to Your Website

A seal can garner immediate trust from site visitors. Companies need to feel confident when working alongside partners. A seal shows that the Trusted Local Partner has been scrutinized and verified to be of the highest caliber. When a business receives the Trusted Local Partner Seal, they receive an embed script via email they can use to easily add the seal on their website.

Promote Your Trusted Partner Profile

Trusted Local Partners are listed on the ADP website, providing much-needed credibility. A business could direct visitors to their profile as a quick way to build immediate trust. Here is an example of how that looks. Appearing alongside other trusted partners and publishers inspires confidence within the industry. Additionally, partners are listed on the Trusted Local Directory. Here is an example of how an optimized listing on the Trusted Local Directory can look.

Include the Seal in Your Printed Marketing Materials

It has become harder to gain attention with printed marketing content. A seal can grab the attention of a reader, showing the material is authentic and that the partner has been analyzed for reliability and dedication to best practices.

Promote on Social Media

Signs of credibility are incredibly valuable on social media. A verification symbol, for example, instantly helps a profile stand out. A Trusted Local Partner Seal can have a similar impact, indicating to users that a business is credible. Adding the badge to your cover art is an excellent way to accomplish this, for example.

What Are the Benefits of Being a Trusted Local Partner?

Access Directory Companies

Directory owners looking for products and services know they will receive an exemplary experience from a Trusted Local Partner.

Listed on the ADP Trusted Partner Page

Along with directory owners, a partner listing and seal is a valuable promotional tool for a range of customers in different industries.

Build Immediate Trust

A crucial aspect of selling a product or service is standing out in the marketplace. As a Trusted Local Partner, less time will be spent on building trust.

Grow Client Base

Networking and relationship building is integral to running a business. A prominent industry listing highlights a partner to the people that count.

How to Become a Trusted Local Partner

Before submitting an application, a business should ensure it adheres to the standards expected of a Trusted Local Partner. The review will focus on the following core elements expected of each partner:

  • Accountability – A strict adherence to high standards of accountability throughout the whole customer experience.
  • Integrity – An ethical approach to doing business across all areas of the enterprise. Valuing integrity in every customer interaction.
  • Transparency – Clearly defined pricing structures, ensuring a customer understands the product or service on sale.
  • Training – A dedication to sales training to ensure top-class standards can be maintained when dealing with customers.
  • Security and Privacy – A focus on data management, ensuring customer information is secure and private.

Supporting the Directory Industry as a Partner

Suitable businesses approved by the ADP Board of Review can promote products using the Trusted Local Partner Seal. In order to maintain the integrity of the seal, an ADP partner will be expected to adhere to industry best practices across all aspects of the enterprise. A partner can greatly increase exposure while companies recognize they are working with a proven affiliate.

Companies committed to excellence and a dedication to best practices can benefit from becoming a Trusted Local Partner. Email for more information, or complete an application today.