Print directories and yellow pages work together with online directories to build recognition for local businesses.

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Whether you are a print directory publisher or an online directory publisher, know that modern businesses need both to effectively build their brand. Print directories and online directories offer their own important advantages for local businesses. If a business really wants to build their local brand, they need a cross-platform marketing strategy that incorporates traditional print and online directories.

This strategy enables a business or brand to connect with more prospective customers. It is important for both small and large businesses to work with print and online directory publishers to maximize their reach and increase a business’ brand recognition.

The Importance of Print Directory Publishing for Businesses

Print directories and local yellow pages make up a massive $3 billion industry. Advertising in this giant industry has plenty of pros for small and large businesses alike to increase their business’ brand awareness.

Advantages of Yellow Pages Advertising

Yellow pages advertising has numerous advantages and benefits for local businesses of all sizes that want to build their brand and attract consumers. These advantages include:

Yellow Pages Covers Specific Geographic Segments

The localization of print directories is something that all local businesses can take advantage of. Localized yellow pages are often segmented into specific counties, and can even be localized to specific cities or towns – and some yellow pages are even specific to particular neighborhoods.

Yellow Pages Are Categorized by Industry

This means that yellow pages offers built-in targeting to consumers who are specifically looking for the advertising business’ services or products. Combine this with yellow pages’ local targeting, and businesses have direct exposure to potential clients or customers most likely to utilize their business.

Yellow Pages Are Long-Term

Consumers don’t always use their print yellow pages immediately, but they are likely to keep it in their home for when they will need it. This is an advantage over advertising in print mediums like newspapers. With the yellow pages directory in their home for the entire year, consumers will have access to the ad when they need the service or product.

There are obviously many other advantages to print and yellow pages directories. All of these advantages mean that print directory publishers can demonstrate to businesses that yellow pages continues to play an important role in building their brand.

The Importance of Online Directories for Businesses

As with print directories, online directories are essential for businesses to maximize their brand recognition. Businesses can utilize high-quality online directories via free listings or paid advertisements, both of which can help build their company’s brand.

Advantages of Online Directories

There are many advantages for businesses in the online directory space. Online directories can build local brand recognition and attract consumers too, benefits that go hand-in-hand. Advantages of online directories include:

Online Directories Can Increase a Business’ Local Visibility

Many online directories are already specific to certain local areas, and even larger business directories have filter options that enable consumers to only view businesses in their city or county.

Online Directories Let Businesses Show Off Their Brands

In addition to company logos, most online directories allow or even encourage companies to post photos of their brick-and-mortar business. Online directories also allow businesses to post detailed descriptions of their business, lists of their services or products, or even information about their business culture or business history. Each of these attributes allows a company to show off their brand to consumers before they even set foot in the business.

Online Directories Can Increase a Business’ Reputation

Almost all online business directories allow consumers to write reviews about their experiences with the business or with the business’ products or services. While business owners dread negative reviews, as long as the business is handling them properly and communicating effectively, they can actually help show off the business’ care for their customers or clients.

Businesses Need Both Print & Online Directories

Search continues to drive more and more consumers from print and online directories into brick-and-mortar locations. Today, it makes sense for businesses to utilize both print and online directories together in order to build their brand.

Along with this, businesses can also take part in the Trusted Local Business™ Certification Program to increase the trustworthiness of the business’ brand. Available from the Association of Directory Publishers, the Trusted Local Business Seal strengthens a business’ credibility and helps them stand out amongst their competitors in both print and online search. If you are a directory publisher, the Trusted Local Publisher™ Program is for you. Selling this seal to your current advertisers is an excellent way to increase profits for your business, while helping your local business customers expand their digital footprint online.

ADP is also proud to be the creator of the Trusted Local Directory, an online directory where businesses can build their brand recognition through a trusted source. Trusted Local Publishers can get their local business customers listed in the Trusted Local Directory with either a free or Trusted Listing through ADP. Email to learn more.

A business can reach thousands of local consumers both online and offline with directory advertising. It’s now more important than ever to show that they are a trustworthy business, dedicated to offering only the best business practices.

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