Governance Committee

ADP has primarily two kinds of committees. The Governance Committee is the Committee of the Board of Directors, and includes Executive, Finance, Nominations, and Strategic Planning.


Purpose & Objective:

  • To review and monitor the management of the financial resources and the financial risks of the association, including policies with respect to investments and uses of cash and other significant financial actions proposed by the Association.
  • To review discussions of possible transactions and their financial impact and progress reports.
  • To review significant capital appropriations.
  • To review financial outlook and plans for financing its working and long-term capital requirements.
  • To review strategies with respect to insurance and risk management.
  • To report annually to the Board on its assessment of the committee’s performance as a group.

Strategic Planning

Purpose & Objective:

  • To provide the vision, framework and strategies to support independent publishers.
  • To provide guidance to management team in the development of strategic plans.
  • Review and recommend to the Board for approval long-term business objectives and strategic plan.
  • Review the allocations of corporate resources recommended by the Association, including the consistency of such activities and allocations with long-term business objective plans.


Purpose & Objective:

  • To support the association during an election.
  • Members of the committee shall be appointed by the Board of Directors.
  • Committee vacancies shall be appointed by the Board based on recommendations by the committee.
  • Committee members shall serve at the request of the Board, and for such term or terms as the Board may determine.

Political Action (PAC)

Purpose & Objective:

  • To receive and raise money in the event the organization needs to pursue legal action to encourage and promote the advancement of the common interests of independents publishers.
  • To develop a resource bank of information.

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