Gold Book Awards Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any Gold Book Awards questions, please call 800.267.9002 or email

Who can enter the Gold Book Awards competition?

ADP’s annual competition is open to all its Publisher members that believe their company’s directory products and marketing concepts are among the best the Yellow Pages industry had to offer in the past year. Association Publishers can submit one entry in each category in both the Directory and the Marketing and Promotion Divisions. To increase their chances of being named Publisher of the Year, members are encouraged to submit an entry in each category.

How does my company decide which categories to enter?

Publisher members need to assess each Division’s categories to determine which ones their company should enter. There are five categories in the Directory Division and six in the Marketing and Promotion Division. Both Divisions’ Criteria for Judging, Entry Requirements and Submission Information can be viewed by clicking on the CATEGORIES tab.

How much does it cost to enter the Competition and when are my entry submissions due?

Each Gold Book Award entry is free for 2019. Please submit your registration form by April 12th.

How will the Gold Book Award winners be announced?

Winners will be announced at the Gold Book Awards Celebration, a fun-filled evening and a highlight of the Annual Convention. Winners receive a Gold Book Award certificate and a 2019 Gold Book Award Winner digital image to be used to promote their prestigious win in their communities.

How do I submit my entries?

For 2019 all entries must be prepared and shipped to the hotel. Please see the category instructions for criteria and entry requirements.

How do the Publisher members vote on the Gold Book entries?

Principle Publisher members vote onsite at the Convention hotel for the Directory and Marketing and Promotion Division entries during the Annual Convention.

Thank you for entering the 2019 Annual Gold Book Awards!