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The rapidly changing world of the Yellow Pages industry faces challenges and opportunities on all fronts. The Association recognizes that knowledge is critical in making good business decisions for the future. One of our key initiatives is to provide access to valuable resources that our members can use when making their strategic business decisions.

CRM Associates

“Driving Growth Through Better Use of Sales & Marketing Information”

CRM Associates’ President, Dr. Dennis Fromholzer, is a leading world expert on Yellow Pages. CRM Associates is a market analysis and consulting firm headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, that undertakes research and analyses to help its clients better understand their customers, the value delivered to those customers, and their value relative to their competition. CRM Associates is a world leader in research analyses related to the Yellow Pages industry.

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Local Search Authority & The Goddard Report

“The Voice of Authority in the Yellow Pages Industry”

Simba Yellow Pages, with Dave Goddard as Editor and Lead Analyst, has been the Voice of Authority in the Yellow Pages industry for more than 25 years. As the Yellow Pages industry grapples with the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century, industry leaders can rely on this unique powerhouse of talent, experience and expertise to help guide the strategic choices that shape their future.

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