Reason # 7 on why you need to be a part of the 2016 ADP Annual Convention and Partners Trade Show

Recently, ADP participated in an exciting academic project with the students at the University of Chicago. This gave us the perfect opportunity to understand the brains of young people and future marketing professionals. As part of the Power of Yellow™ initiative, we asked the class to help us with the following task:

The Assignment
The Yellow Pages industry has a big challenge. While our business is healthy, the attitude toward our industry is that nobody uses the Yellow Pages and that it soon will be extinct. The project for the class was to create a marketing plan to address these issues.

About the Class
The class was divided into four teams and each group was assigned an ADP Publisher member to assist them with their marketing plan. We knew from the onset that these graduate-level students probably were not Yellow Pages users and didn’t know a lot about our industry. We hoped that by getting inside the minds of the students we would get a fresh perspective on how we can dispel the myths that the Yellow Pages aren’t used and are going the way of the dinosaur.

The Results
What we learned from this marketing class on how the Yellow Pages need to evolve will astound you, but you’ll have to attend the 2016 ADP Annual Convention in Las Vegas to learn about the four groups’ very different marketing plans. The university professor and two of the brightest students in the class will be attending the Convention to share with members the details of their strategies to solve our industry’s dilemma. Our Annual Convention offers a variety of compelling reasons to attend, and this presentation will be one of the most provocative and talked about at the convention. So go back to school with ADP and register today!

Here’s a sneak peek…

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