Directory and Marketing and Promotion Division Categories

Listed below are the categories for the Directory Division and the Marketing and Promotion Division. Please download the files below for an explanation of each category’s criteria for Judging, Entry Requirements and Electronic Submission information.

Once you have decided which categories you want to submit, click here to enter, fill out the Entry Description Form, make your payment, and upload your entry materials. You do not have to submit all your entries at one time, but all your submissions must be completed by January 31, 2019.

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  • D1 : Excellence in Print Directories – 25,000 and Under
  • D2 : Excellence in Print Directories – 25,001 – 50,000
  • D3 : Excellence in Print Directories – 50,001 – 100,000
  • D4 : Excellence in Print Directories – 100,001 and Above
  • D5 : Excellence in Cover Design and Art – Print
  • D6 : Excellence in Cover Design and Art – Product Branding
  • D7 : Excellence in Directory Ad Effectiveness, Design and Print
  • D8 : Directory of the Year
  • D9 : Excellence in Internet Directory Website and/or Mobile App
  • MP1 : Excellence in Media Advertising – Television, Radio or Video
  • MP2 : Excellence in Best Individual or Team Sales Rep Bonus Program
  • MP3 : Excellence in Sales Support Collateral
  • MP4 : Excellence in Marketing – Printed Direct Mail
  • MP5 : Excellence in Marketing – Event
  • MP6 : Excellence in Marketing – Magazine and Newspaper
  • MP7 : Excellence in Marketing – Outdoor
  • MP8 : Excellence in Best Strategies to Grow an Advertiser’s Digital Audience
  • MP9 : Excellence in Best Advertiser Case Study Success
  • MP10 : Excellence in Industry Innovation

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