Industry conferences.

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In almost all industries, conferences have become an annual occurrence where business owners and experts come together to discuss important matters. With the 2022 ADP Annual Convention on the horizon, publishing professionals will be gearing up for this must-attend event. However, anyone who has yet to attend an industry conference may be unaware of all the benefits to be gained. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits that industry conferences can deliver to learn why they are valued so highly.

The Benefits of Attending Industry Conferences

Increase Knowledge

Professionals rarely get the time to speak extensively with their peers on the issues affecting an industry. However, the opportunity to discuss important issues with knowledgeable industry experts will inevitably lead to breakthroughs. At the ADP Annual Convention, peers brainstorm ideas and work through the challenges that can often limit success. Of course, while presentations from experts will always deliver important information, you can expect to pick up additional useful knowledge through interacting with other attendees.

Develop Industry Relationships

Are you seeking new industry relationships? Know that networking is one of the primary reasons for attending an industry conference. While there is certainly competition within the publishing industry, the ADP Annual Convention features professionals from across the space who are looking for new partnerships. For example, a natural collaboration can be built when one business owner provides services that are in high demand by another.

Get a Break From the Routine

For so many in the publishing industry and beyond, recent years have minimized in-person contact. Countless businesses have become used to working from behind a computer, without the ability to communicate face-to-face. The upcoming 2022 ADP Annual Convention is an opportunity to step outside this routine, re-energize – and acquire valuable information. And for those who cannot attend the live event, virtual attendance will make it possible to stay on top of the important news.

Content Creation

Content creation is an important part of online promotion, and an industry conference is a goldmine for attendees. It could be possible to develop articles, vlogs, tutorials, social media posts and more, depending on the type of content a business usually creates. In addition, combining content creation with networking could lead to high-quality material, including videos and podcasts.

Learn About New Innovations

One important reason why you would join a Directory Publisher Industry Association is to stay up-to-date on innovations and news. Attending an industry conference is the perfect place to learn about the latest advancements from educated speakers and industry professionals. It’s a way to seek out the best, most reliable information. It can be hard to parse information gleaned from social media and blogs, but in-person interactions with experienced professionals helps attendees gather solidly-vetted industry information.

An Opportunity for Deals

Making deals involves building a relationship and developing trust – but when you cannot communicate in person, building relationships is made more difficult. At the ADP Annual Convention, attendees have three days to build relationships and forge partnerships that offer mutually beneficial outcomes. And speaking of deals, ADP members receive a substantial discount on their conference tickets – one of the many perks of being a member.

Get Motivated

Growing a business requires a great deal of motivation and hard work, but there will always be times when an individual may feel uninspired. Industry conferences are the perfect place to get some much-needed motivation to push forward with new plans. With tributes, awards, networking and the sharing of knowledge, the 2021 ADP Annual Convention was an inspiring, productive event – and for 2022 this year’s conference will bring the same. Industry conferences are a great place to learn new things, but don’t be surprised when you also feel energized and leave with a spring in your step.

Submit to Awards Programs

Picking up an industry award can do wonders for a business. Each year, the ADP Directory Excellence Awards are presented at the ADP Annual Convention. These awards include ADP Publisher of the Year as well as ADP Directory Excellence Awards for Directory of the Year and Digital Directory of the Year. Importantly, ADP members can submit directories for consideration and the chance to win an award.

Sponsorship Opportunities

An industry conference offers sponsorship opportunities along with the chance to reach highly-targeted leads. As an ADP Convention Sponsor, publishers can increase visibility with influential industry figures. This increased brand awareness can play an important role when it comes to securing deals and building partnerships with others in the field.

Join Us at the ADP Annual Convention

If you are a directory publisher looking to gain valuable industry knowledge and connections, consider attending the 2022 ADP Annual Convention. Publishers who are not yet ADP members can also benefit from joining the ADP’s Trusted Local Publisher Certification Program. For more information, call (800) 267-9002 or go online to learn how to become a member.