Many believe that industry awards are limited to only the biggest companies in a given field, but that’s a common misconception. In fact, many awards like the ADP Directory Excellence Awards are designed to reward the best and most innovative businesses in an industry. If you are considering if it’s worth your time to submit an entry for an industry award, the following benefits may sway your decision.

6 Main Benefits of Submitting to Industry Awards

1. Visible Recognition of Quality

Winning an award instantly builds industry credibility, providing a clear and visible recognition of quality. Like many other awards, the ADP awards present badges for the winners to display on their website and in print marketing materials. When a business is trying to gain new customers and demonstrate excellence, these symbols will do much of the heavy lifting.

2. Builds Trust With Directory Users

Trust is integral to the directory industry, and must be earned from business partners and directory users. For print directory publishers, the ability to add the award to the print and online directories is an important signal that the organization has proven itself to main industry players.

3. Increased Brand Exposure

Brand exposure is vital in building awareness and ultimately, in securing new customers. Increased exposure is one of the key benefits of attending industry conferences and submitting to industry awards, even if a business doesn’t secure one of the main prizes.

4. A Boost to Team Morale

Winning an industry award can be a major boost to morale as it recognizes the hard work delivered by staff members. The ADP Directory Excellence Awards focus on directory products and marketing innovations – both of which require a dedicated team committed to quality.

5. Helps Differentiate a Business From the Competition

The ability to differentiate yourself from the competition is the mark of an exceptional business. Securing recognition with an industry award is a clear sign that a business is delivering a superior product – one that others should pay attention to.

6. A Chance to Network

Industry awards are the perfect opportunity to network and expand a business contact list. Events like the ADP Directory Excellence Awards provide a unique opportunity to step away from your desk and build connections or strategic partnerships.

How to Submit to the ADP Directory Excellence Awards

Submitting to the ADP Directory Excellence awards is a straightforward process, with multiple categories for directory and marketing divisions. Entrants must have an ADP membership to be eligible, and submit a completed entry form before the upcoming deadlines.

Submit Your Entry for the Leading Directory Industry Award

If you are a directory publisher committed to delivering the highest quality products and services, consider entering the ADP Directory Excellence Awards this year. If you have any questions about the competition, contact us today by calling (800) 267-9002.