7 Ways to Educate Your Way Into Making The Sale

By Deborah Shane, www.smallbiztrends.com

Why does selling continue to get such a bad rap?

“Sometimes our audience is so ingrained to think selling is bad that they’ve already said no before we get a chance to sell them anything. A crackerjack salesperson knows educating prospects on the ins and outs of products and services is the quickest way to a sale.” ~ Joe Polish, Success Magazine

Not only do I totally agree, but can’t stress enough that the “key driver of sales is educating your way into making the sale.”

The pressure, hype, arm-twisting and flat out manipulation approach is out. Today’s selling environment and sales experience is about education, illumination, stimulation and inspiration. People want the story, the results, the value and the benefits – not the empty hype. Education is selling, and selling is educating, so the more you teach people about the value, benefits and results the more sales you will inspire and close.

Here are 7 ways to educate prospects into making the sale:

Inform People About Your What

What do you do, or what can and does your product do that can help someone? Share as much information as you can consistently about this.

Generate Interest

When you know the psycho-graphics of your customer you can craft the language and messaging targeted directly to them making the case for why what you have is a great fit or opportunity for them.

You Are The Value Add

Create more than just the “selling” of the product or service. Add in YOU, your experience, expertise and your connections as value add.

Share Your Point of View

Talk about your unique point of view about what you do, why you love your business and how it has impacted others.

Inspire Action

Ultimately, you want to inspire people to take more action, be it request more information, ask more questions, generate interest with others or the ultimate goal-making the sale.

Leverage Results and Testimonials

Always educate prospects using results and testimonials. Satisfied customers that become your advocates and cheerleaders are gold!

Develop Referrals

Spend more time asking for and developing referrals from your community. Ask for referrals but be generous in referring and connecting others.

John C Maxwell, a leadership expert and author of 20 million books, who has trained governments, the NFL and United Nations reminds us:

“The more you rely on technology in your personal interactions, the less personal and less effective they become.”

Get personal with people off line. The heaviest thing for most salespeople is the phone. Build in phone time as well as face to face meetings to advance relationships. Educate people more personally.

Without sales there is no business. Sales is an opportunity, not a punishment or obligation. It’s time to stop giving selling a bad rap, shift your attitude and educate your way into making the sale.