Attracting More Advertisers to Your Directory in 2022

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As we head toward the new year, many small businesses will be deciding how best to spend their advertising dollars. If you are an ADP Trusted Local Publisher™, you will understand the value of standing out from the crowd and over-delivering to secure this advertising spend. But with a great deal of competition out there, directory owners can always do more to draw advertisers to their services.

Tips for Increasing Spending on Directory Listings and Ads

For some small businesses, online and print directories are not top of mind when it comes to advertising. In many cases, this lack of focus is due to not fully understanding the power of directory advertising. Helping advertisers understand the potential for a business can be key to securing listings and ad spending. The following tips can ensure advertisers spend their money with you in 2022.

1. Offer Additional Services to Advertisers

Advertisers aren’t always looking for the same thing and it can be beneficial to offer additional services to attract attention. A simple Yellow Pages and online directory listing may have some appeal, but integrating alternative options like the ability to include special deals will stand out. If advertisers have had poor results from other directories in the past, they may want to see something different. Deals, event promotions and articles could entice advertisers to become a member or renew.

2. Bundle Print and Online Services

Many advertisers find themselves making difficult decisions about their ad spending. Are they confident consumers will deliver a return on investment or are they more inclined to cut back on spending for the moment? One way to secure advertising commitments from small businesses is to offer added value for the money spent. By bundling together print and online services, advertisers can diversify ad targeting by reaching multiple channels for no additional cost.

3. Provide Listing Management Services

Controlling business listings across a range of online directories can be a time-consuming task, but the benefits are clear. Listing management allows a business to increase search engine visibility and reduce the harm of bad data, while also ensuring information is updated as required. With an ADP Trusted Local Business™ Seal, advertisers get their business data syndicated to the main platforms. This is an important incentive for a business weighing whether to advertise or not. As a key selling point, listing management helps businesses get found online beyond your local directory.

4. Stay Relevant Through Diversification

For many advertisers, distinguishing between a number of online directories can be hard. Digital services can look attractive, but it could be difficult to determine if visitor numbers and conversions will follow. An important option for advertisers is to diversify their offerings using print and digital services. A diverse range of options gives authority and relevance, ensuring a publisher remains competitive against those who have limited channels for reaching consumers.

5. Promote the Importance of Trust

Building trust with consumers can be a long and difficult process. Small businesses often struggle with conveying authenticity and reliability when there is not a recognized brand name doing most of the hard work in consumers’ minds. However, with an ADP Trusted Local Business Seal, an advertiser can quickly show their organization has been monitored and verified for adherence to best practices. Promoting the value of the seal offers an additional method for attracting advertisers weighing their options.

6. Directory Advertising Offers High Conversions

For advertisers to invest in print and online directory listings and ads, they want to be assured of a return on investment. Compared to many other forms of advertising, directories are targeted and reach consumers further down the buying cycle. In practice, individuals browsing a directory are usually looking for a business to fulfill a specific purpose. Therefore, publishers trying to attract advertisers should highlight the potential conversions compared to competing advertising channels.

7. Communicate Success Stories

Small businesses may question why advertising in the Yellow Pages is worth their investment. One way to showcase the value of both print and online directories is through success stories. Showing what other advertisers have achieved through reviews and testimonials can often do more than other types of marketing. When an advertiser sees proof of a method in action, it is highly likely they will recognize the value of directory listings and ads.

Get More Directory Advertisers With the ADP

If you want to attract more advertisers to your directory, the ADP has the tools to help you succeed. The ADP’s Trusted Local Publisher Certification Program will signal to advertisers the integrity, accountability and user experience delivered by your organization. If you want to join the program, call (800) 267-9002 or learn more now.