New company is launched offering SMB directories with online presence solutions

Tel-Aviv, April 2012 – Entrepreneur Gal Moran has announced the launch of EXAI Ltd, an online presence company providing SMB directories with artificial intelligence-based solutions.

EXAI’s artificial intelligence technology allows for the mass production of unique websites with minimum human intervention. “SMB directories need only look to one place for everything they need to provide their clients with multiplatform, custom-made online presences”, says CEO Gal Moran. “From hosting and domain purchasing to site development, EXAI’s services and unique technology provide SMBs with a true all-in-one white-label solution.”

EXAI’s site builder produces multiple websites in real time by using customer’s data complemented by EXAI’s repositories and other various resources. The site builder creates multiple websites for each customer to choose from, each personalized, unique, and content-rich. In addition, the site builder features a simple drag-and-drop interface allowing users to edit the content, and design a website without having any professional programming or designing skills. Once a user wishes to publish, matching sites for both Facebook and mobile are automatically created.

About EXAI, Ltd. (Formerly TrafficMedia, Inc.)

As of April 2012, TrafficMedia has been operating in a new setting and brand, under the name EXAI (Experts in Artificial Intelligence). EXAI’s innovative solutions are designed to meet the growing, international need for SMB online presences. EXAI’s artificial intelligence technology allows for the automatic mass-production of unique, tailor-made, affordable websites for SMBs, along with mobile sites and Facebook pages. With EXAI’s artificial intelligence technology, you are able to shorten and optimize your sales cycle by setting a framework that increases user satisfaction and sales conversion. It’s the all-in-one solution you’ve been looking for in one accessible place.

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