Today we would like to welcome our newest publisher member — YaSabe! They are one of the largest online directory publishers to join us to date. We’re very excited to have them aboard.

Welcome YaSabe, ADP Publisher Member

YaSabe - Largest Latino Online DirectoryYaSabe is the largest bilingual and Latino-focused online directory. Users can search for over 14M local businesses, especially those businesses that cater to the Latino culture.

With 10M+ unique visitors to, its affiliated network of sites, and a powerful programmatic media platform, YaSabe is the leading digital media and technology company helping employers and advertisers reach Hispanics in the US.

YaSabe also provides its users with a support service, called Ayudame (Spanish for “help me”), that has YaSabe’s local experts offer help and advice on a range of topics regarding their local community.

Join us in welcoming YaSabe to our directory publishing family.

If you are not already a member you can learn more about the ADP membership benefits here or email Don’t wait — we are doing some amazing things and you certainly don’t want to miss out!