ADP Welcomes New Publisher Member – Swiftel Communications

When Brookings Telephone first published a directory in 1908, a main item of business was teaching our patrons how to use the “new-fangled” telephone, starting with hanging up the receiver with the large end down! Among the business listed then, and still listed in the directory today, are Brookings County Abstract, Brookings Register, Farmers Coop Co and Perkins Storage & Transfer.

The first books were small, about 5×8”, and contained lined notepaper inside to record new numbers and only a few ads. Phone numbers were one or two digits – Brookings Hardware offered a “one-minute electric washer – Phone 62”.

The first yellow page section appeared in 1937, containing eight pages. By 1958, listings were also added for Volga, Arlington and Sinai.

In 2002, the directory went digital and began offering the same great service on the web at No longer is information limited to someone with book-in-hand. This online endeavor allows advertisers no limits to the customers they can reach.

Publishing the Swiftel Directory is truly team effort. Together, our team has 30+ years of combined yellow page printing and advertising experience to offer to our customers. We are committed to publish a quality, accurate and innovative directory for the business and residents of Brookings and surrounding communities.