Trusted Local Publisher Certification Program Application

The Trusted Local Publisher™ Seal is granted by ADP to Partner Members for display on its online presence or in print materials. The Seal demonstrates to current or potential customers that the Trusted Local Publisher offers best practices, an excellent client relationship, trustworthy data, including security and privacy protection.

Completing this application is acceptance of the Trusted Local Certification Seal Guidelines and Acceptable Uses. Please download and review prior to completing the application.

Your decision to apply for the ADP Trusted Local Publisher Seal already reflects positively upon you as a business.  Please review the application first to understand what is needed for the Certification process.  It would be helpful to obtain the required documentation prior to beginning the application.  Label all documentation with corresponding number i.e. 2.3, 5.1, etc. that you provide as part of your Application. Please email with any questions.

Confidentiality of Information: Information submitted as part of the ADP Trusted Local Publisher Certification Program shall be kept confidential and used for the limited purpose of determining eligibility for Certification.

Important Note: The company, address, phone, owner/principal representative, website, business description, brief business description, contact email, business logo and social media links will be used to populate the Trusted Local Publisher Profile on (Please ensure sure the information provided on the application for these sections can be shared with the public and indexable on the web.)



    I, , hereby certify and agree to each of the following statements by affixing my initials next to each statement.
    1. I have the legal capacity to answer the questions on this application and thereby bind the Applicant by my responses. (please initial)
    2. Applicant will hold ADP, its agents, directors, committee members, staff, and/or auditors harmless from any claim of damage or loss as a result of Applicant’s failure to achieve or maintain certification. (please initial)
    3. Applicant understands that ADP’s Trusted Local Publisher Certification Program is a voluntary program and failing to be certified does not preclude a business from being an ADP Member. (please initial)
    4. Applicant understands that at any time during the application process the ADP Review Board may investigate or require additional information or documentation from the Applicant in order to verify information on this application. Applicant agrees to cooperate and provide such information and documentation upon request. (please initial)
    5. Applicant, including all of its employees and agents will refrain from any false or misleading claims, suggestions, or references regarding certification, including but not limited to such claims used in advertising produced in advance and/or in anticipation of certification at some future date. (please initial)
    6. Applicant will notify ADP in writing within thirty (30) days of any material change that occurs that would make any information provided on this application inaccurate. (please initial)
    7. Applicant agrees to abide with the following use of Certification Program Seal. ADP grants a non-exclusive license to certified businesses to display the ADP issued and approved Trusted Local Publisher Certification Program Seal on business websites, business letterhead, electronic communications, and promotional materials, provided that the business certification status remains in good standing. No property rights, trademark, or other intellectual property interests of ADP are transferred to certified businesses. Certified businesses are expressly prohibited from creating their own Certification Program Seal, altering the ADP issued and approved Seal, assigning the use of the ADP Seal to any other party, and using the ADP Seal on contracts, purchase agreements, or any other binding legal documents. (please initial)


    Please provide two professional references from advertisers that Applicant has contracted with for the purchase or sale of its products or services in the prior twelve months. Please notify your references to expect a phone call from an ADP Review Board Member.

    Reference # 1

    Reference # 2


    Checkmark = Yes response

    Do you commit to the following? *


    Do you commit to honestly represent the following? *

    All products, campaigns, programs, or marketing services being sold?Your professional capabilities, competence, credentials and experience?The outcome or return from the product, campaign, program or marketing service being sold?

    Do you commit to ensure any product, campaign, program or marketing service being sold to an advertiser shows: *

    That you have the expertise to meet the advertiser’s needs?That the advertiser has a reasonable chance of success or return?That you have adequate resources and staffing to service the advertiser?That the advertiser has access to accounting reports and performance reports?A performance report of the results of all marketing campaigns?An accurate accounting of all monies paid by the advertiser?

    Do you have a policy for responding to communications received from advertisers? *

    Do you have a written Dispute Resolution Process that includes the following? *

    A policy for dispute resolution?A process for review of the dispute?A timeline for a response to the dispute?A process in the event the dispute is not resolved?

    Do you have a Record Retention Policy? *


    Details of all services performed on behalf of the advertiser?The contracted amount of the products and services?A payment schedule and how payment should be made?Disclosure of any service or product that will be automatically billed or renewed and how and when such auto-renew may be terminated?The term/length of the contract and under what conditions the contract terminates?How the contract may be terminated by the advertiser?


    Ad DesignApplication DevelopmentAttributionCall TrackingContent MarketingCreativeData ManagementEcommerce/Online BookingEmail MarketingLeads ManagementListings ManagementLocal SearchLocation-based MarketingMedia BuyingMobile MarketingOnline AdvertisingOptimizationPrint AdvertisingReview ManagementSEMSEOSocial MediaTargetingVideo MarketingWebsite Development or HostingOther

    Google Ads CertificationGoogle Display CertificationGoogle Mobile CertificationGoogle Video CertificationGoogle Shopping CertificationGoogle 360 Photographer Certification

    To fully train your sales reps to understand the products, campaigns, programs or marketing services that you provide?To help advertisers and prospective advertisers understand the products and services that are being sold?

    To educate and help the advertiser understand products, campaigns, programs or marketing services being sold so the advertiser can make an informed purchasing decision.


    To protect your advertisers’ data?To keep your directories data updated and accurate?To commit to having your marketing materials be an accurate description of your products and services?To print or post the terms and conditions of your security and privacy policy?


    I hereby confirm that the information being submitted is correct to the best of my knowledge and this business should be certified as a Trusted Local Publisher. I affirm, as well, that I am authorized to complete this application on behalf of my company. I am also willing, if required, to answer questions or provide additional documentation at the request of ADP.

    I also affirm that if my company is granted certification by ADP that the company will uphold such standards as committed to in this application.

    Acknowledged and submitted by:

    If you have any questions concerning the application contact the ADP office at 800-267-9002 or email