Reasons To Advertise

More Customers are Expanding their Search to Find Local Businesses

Make sure your business is found when someone is looking for you

Having your business name and number listed in print, available online, an on mobile devices is important. However, it is more about getting your business exposure in the right places. Remember, the Yellow Pages is no longer just in book form.  The medium continues to deliver large volumes of high-quality, cost-effective business leads through multiple platforms.
There are many advertising options available to a business when it comes to advertising; however, there are only five (5) basic requirements for a successful advertising medium, often referred to as "CURER."
Circulation - how is the advertising message received by the end user?
Usage - what is the usage, or visibilty of the medium?
Retention - when is the advertising available?
Economy - is it cost effective, generating a return on the investment?
Results - does the medium generate measurable results?
Many forms of advertising media are "creative" or "non-directional" -- sellers are trying to create a desire, or need, for a particular product or service through media such as television, radio or direct mail.  Generally, it may not be when someone is ready to buy. This type of advertising encourages or recommends to a potential buyer where to go to make a purchase.
Yellow Pages is considered a "directional" form of advertising -- it is always available when someone is ready to buy a product or use a service.  Consumers will use a directory when a need has been identified.  Yellow Pages directs the buyer to the "point of sale", and is the ultimate "permission-based" medium.

Try to think of an advertising program like a circle.  If you were to draw a line through the middle of the circle, or cut it in half, the upper half would represent "non-directional" forms of advertising. This intention of this type of advertising is to create brand awareness, identify needs, and make impressions.

Alternatively, the lower half of the circle represents the "directional"form of advertising. This portion of an advertising program should support the creative aspects of a campaign, or make sure the buyer knows where to go when they have made a decision to make a purchase, or use a service.

Don't miss out on customers looking to buy from you!
Always make it easy for customers to find your business by advertising with a complete Yellow Pages program.


Did you know there are two types of Yellow Pages users?

Those who are familiar with your business are:
  • Recommended by your existing customers
  • Influenced by other forms of your advertising
  • Contacted by your salesperson
  • Passing-by your storefront
  • Are your former customers and shoppers
*48% of buyers making a purchasing decision have one "1" name in mind...
Those who do not know your business are:
  • Newcomers to the community
  • In need of an emergency service, or product
  • Dissatisfied with your competition
  • Infrequent shoppers
  • Comparison shoppers
*18% of buyers have two "2" or more names in mind, and 35% have no name in mind
*So...53% of purchasers have a decision to make at time of search


Now that you have decided advertising is a good decision for your business...

Contact your local independent Yellow Pages company, and ask who can help you design a complete program, discuss pricing and placement, as well deadlines.

Next . . . think about some questions you may want to ask yourself, and your local sales representative:

  • What is the coverage area of the directory? (sometimes a directory will cover a wide area, but books are only delivered to certain parts of the area)
  • When and how is the directory distributed? (door-to-door, mail, pick-up)
  • How many copies of the directory are distributed to the market area (s)?
  • Is there more than one directory that I need to consider?
  • What products and services are offered by the directory publisher that allow me to reach my prospect? (e.g., print, electronic, mobile)
  • What are my competitors doing in the way of advertising?
  • Do my competitors advertise in other places - non-directional/directional forms of advertising?
  • Does the advertising program recommended satisfy my business needs?
  • Do I have a complete advertising program - non-directional/directional forms of advertising?
  • What can I expect in terms of my return on investment (ROI)?
  • Does the publisher have usage data to support my buying decision?
  • Is there a way to track my results? (call measurement)
  • How will I be billed?
Finally, something often overlooked is the importance of answering the telephone effectively or answering email in a timely manner.
Turn your leads into sales by answering the telephone, and responding to email, efficiently and consistently.
Questions and feedback are always welcome.
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*Source: 2010 Local Search Association Local Media Tracking Study National Results - prepared by Burke Institute