Ad Design

Creating Effective Ads

Design an ad that speaks to your customers when you can't

The Yellow Pages and the Internet are both available 24/7 . . . anytime someone is ready to make a purchase.  When you can’t be in front of the potential buyer to talk about your business, your advertisement should be speaking for you.
Remember, information sells your business

Essentials in Designing an Effective Yellow Pages Ad

Reliability -
Potential buyers want to know they can count on you.  Be sure to share the number of years you have been in business. Memberships, certifications, and affiliations take it a step further by demonstrating your credibility.
Authorized Products & Services -What recognized brands do you sell? What types of services do you provide? Do you carry parts? What about rentals? Remember if you do not say you do it - people will assume you don’t.
Special Features -
It is important to share with buyers what separates you from your competition? Do you offer something that no one else does?  Let your potential customers know why they should do business with you.
Completeness of Service -
Make it easy for people to do business with you. What are your hours of operation?  Do you offer free estimates? What about delivery, financing or credit cards?  Think about questions your customers have asked, and use the ad as your “silent salesperson.”
Illustrations & Logos -
We know that pictures are worth a thousand words.  Use images that enhance the visual appeal of your ad, and depict the types of products and services you offer.
Location - Where are you located? What's your service or delivery area?  Providing a map, written directions, an email address, or referencing landmarks, will make it easier for your customers to find you when they are ready to buy.

 Use Illustrations, Headlines and "RASCIL" to Generate Better Leads and More Customers!

  • Remember these recommendations apply to print and online advertising.
  • Write copy in a logical, interesting, and informative style.
  • Graphics should have strong eye appeal - project an image your prospect wants.
  • Think about your unique selling position - what makes your business sizzle?
  • Target your buyers - be sure the ad is speaking to them.
  • Avoid image ads - include content that solves the buyer's need or problem.
  • Always request a proof of your ad before it goes to press.

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Use Color to Create Emotion, Attract, and Emphasize

Your prospects don't buy for logical reasons. They buy your product out of emotion. Well written copy and design work together to elicit an emotional response. Understanding what your prospects want is important when chosing colors for your ad.

Below is a sample of a few colors that can have an impact in ad design:
Red is bold, positive and full of energy. It can represent danger, excitement, and spark emotions, such as fear and anger. It has also been suggested that red revs up the metabolism and makes people feel hungry – which makes it great for food ads and restaurants.
Yellow is associated with happiness, brilliance and rejuvenation. Yellow on black gets attention and works well for discount sales.
Blue is restful, peaceful and conservative. It can represent stability, trustworthiness, and maturity. It is good to reassure prospects. Blue is often used in the insurance market and to promote financial services and products.
Green is associated with the environment, and it considered positive and comforting. Dark green is used for a strong impact since it's equated with money. It is very good for projecting a successful, growing image, or for making prospects feel like they're welcome anytime. Green is also used to promote vitamins, health and outdoor services.
Purple is magical, mysterious and used in worship. It can associated with royalty. Pair purple with gold for an upscale, rich image.
Black is associated with seriousness, and is considered heavy, or deep. Placing red and black together can represent an immediate call to action, or message.
In designing your Yellow Pages ad, website, or other advertsing solutions, be sure to work closely with your sales representaitve in determining and writing the copy and chosing the right colors to elicit the desired emotional impact and response.
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