Read What Our Members Are Saying About ADP!

Roger Blackman, Hometown Directories Inc.
Thanks for the great job on the 2012 trade show in Frisco.  I thought it was the best in recent history! The theme “Believe to Achieve” is so true and Neil Diamond’s, “Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show” went along well with the message! Can I have an Amen on that?
The speakers were very informative and interesting.  Steve Sitton Market Authority has the facts on digital versa print that we can take out on the street.  Dr Fromholzer motivational HAMMER talk was exciting for me and my salesmen who can’t wait to try it!
                                              I enjoyed David Goddard and Lida Citroen has some interesting concepts that made me
                                              think outside the box.
                                             The food was excellent and the fellowship great!
Leann Conley, KPC Media
“I was so happy to attend the ADP Convention this year, I really needed a boost and I
had a lot of questions I needed answered, every speaker was interesting to me. I was
really glad I went to the ADP Convention because I got the boost I needed - a boost
of energy!”
Ren Adam, Ojai Valley Directory/Village Publishing, Inc.
"We have been in the publishing business for the past 30 years and belong to several associations. We can’t remember a time when the quality of information that we were able to bring home with us was at the level the ADP seminars provided."
Vernon Smith, President, Lakeview Publishing
 “No ADP member should ever be surprised by any new industry development. All we need to do is pay attention because ADP does a great job of keeping its members informed.” 
Jeff Stalker, Regional Sales Manager, User Friendly Media 
“The opportunity at our Conventions for one-on-one or small group conversations with both Publisher and Partner members - over dinner, on the trade show floor, in some corner of the hotel has really helped me build and efficiently operate my business."
Bill Hanson, Hanson Directory Service, Inc.
 "Just a note to let you know that we really enjoyed the Convention. The topics were timely and the content was rich in nature. Ample opportunities for networking and fellowship were present. It seems like the Conventions just keep getting better and better."
Rance Walls, Liberty Press
"Good business sense is knowing where to find the information to make the right decisions for your business. Better business sense is knowing the people who have that knowledge, experience and information. The best business sense is spending time with those people who share their knowledge, experience and information."