ADP Logo

Logo Guidelines & Requirements

The Association’s logo is a registered trademark

and the property of the Association of Directory Publishers.

The primary function of the ADP logo is to identify the Association at a glance.
Its effective recognition depends on proper and consistent use.
Members are encouraged to use the logo on all directories.
ADP members are permitted to use the logo only as stipulated by the Association and set forth in the guidelines below.
  • The logo may stand alone or be grouped with the full name of the Association.
  • The logo may be used on any promotional pieces or directories published by members of the Association in good standing.
  • The font style used for the letters, "ADP," and the Association name are not to be substituted with something similar. In addition, the spacing of the letters, thickness, and proportion should not be altered.
  • Reproduction requirements to ensure high-quality reproduction of the logo, always shoot from the first generation art (logo sheets) by photo-mechanical methods.
  • Do not alter the approved logo sizes included on the official logo sheets.
  • Logos must ONLY be printed in the colors listed on the official logo sheets.
  • Custom design elements, such as open boxes, should not be placed around the logo.
  • The logo should not be reversed out of a box or a solid bar, but should always appear against a clean, solid background (e.g., white on color background).
  • If foil-stamped, or embossed, the logo must appear in the colors stipulated above.
  • When the logo is used in conjunction with another organizational logo, they should command the same visual weight.
  • Logos used in combination must be sufficiently spaced so as to ensure that each logo clearly represents seperate entities.
Below please find a version of the logo that may be downloaded and is suitable for use on the Internet. You must be logged in to access these logos.
For a higher resolution image, please email us at or call us at 1-(800) 267-9002