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A key benefit of membership in ADP is access to industry research

ADP has gathered and purchased critical data using accepted statistical and analytical methods to support its membership. Further, we are continuing to aggregate data that provides industry insight and supports members decision-making processes in their respectve companies.

In addition, we are constantly monitoring industry trends, networks, blogs, and other media for the most useful and up-to-date information that is of value to our members, their employees, and their customers.

Several of our Publisher members actively monitor usage of their directories by establishing a unique telephone number for a business. The business owner agrees not to publish this unique number anywhere other than the local Yellow Pages. This program continues to demonstrate the value of directory usage! Contact your local independent directory publisher for more details.

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"IMS / Simba’s preliminary research reveals two surprising trends: the entire industry is stabilizing as print evolves to digital at a slower pace than anticipated and a power shift from incumbent to independent is gaining momentum." -- Dave Goddard, editor & lead analyst
We invite, and encourage you, to learn the real facts and truths about print Yellow Pages in the following articles written by several qualified experts:
Dr. Dennis Fromholzer, President of CRM Associates, is a leading researcher, expert, and speaker on the Yellow Pages. He reminds us that eight (8) to ninety percent (90%) of Yellow Pages Usage is Driven by Life Events, in addition, he explains The Value of Yellow Pages in seven important points.
David Goddard, lead analyst for Simba Yellow Pages / IMS Local Search Authority, has been the "voice of authority" for the Yellow Pages for more than twenty-five years. Learn more about his thoughts on the Life of Yellow Pages.
Steve Sitton, founder of Market Authority, Inc, has very quickly become a leader in the print/digital research arena based on over 270,000 interviews conducted by his company for its nearly 40 clients. He explains the reality of consumers usage by exploring U.S. Directional Media for Metro Area Usage and Rural Area Usage.
The Berry Network publishes white papers designed to answer questions and challenges faced by todays advertiser, marketer and publisher. The White paper, Are Print Yellow Pages Still A Good Investment, address three common questions advertisers have about print Yellow Pages: Why should anyone continue to invest in a media that's in decline? Why does anyone still use print Yellow Pages? Why should I spend as much on print Yellow Pages as I did last year?
All of these articles, and more, are available for download below.
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