Why Advertise?

Yellow Pages Deliver A Solid Return On Investment

Research proves that calls are worth more than clicks

When you hear the word "advertising,” what is the first medium that comes to mind? Probably not the Yellow Pages.  Yet, Yellow Pages remains the most trusted medium of all. Forty-eight million adults still turn to print Yellow Pages as their number one source of local business information. 
And, for those who prefer an online resource, the Yellow Pages are searchable on the Internet as well.
Hear how research expert David Goddard, of IMS/Local Search Authority, answers the question:
  "Are the Yellow Pages Dead?"
It is well known that directory publishers have been opening doors for businesses for almost 125 years. Yellow Pages are the original search engine, connecting businesses and consumers who seek the products and services provided by advertisers.


Print Yellow Pages have not lost their value just because some people no longer use them

Today, the industry has expanded its traditional “print” product to online, mobile and other new media platforms. All continue to do what Yellow Pages have always done . . . connect buyers and sellers!
Our Publisher members are poised to provide you with a variety of products and services that promise cost-effective ways to reach your old customers and attract new ones. Take advantage of new and creative ways to grow your company revenues.
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