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Connecting Buyers and Sellers in Print and Online

Yellow Pages are the primary means for people to locate a business and its phone number.

Recognized today as the original search engine, directories were often printed on yellow paper and delivered free to homes and businesses once a year by the local telephone company.
With the divestiture of AT&T in 1984, barriers to competition were removed.  Independent publishers were finally able to provide businesses with innovative, alternative solutions to telephone company directories. These entrepreneurs produced a variety of directories with creative, user-friendly features that changed the landscape of Yellow Pages directories forever.
Today, there are numerous ways that publishers continue to facilitate the connection of buyers and sellers. Yellow Pages content is distributed across multiple platforms - print, internet directories, search engines and mobile to name just a few.
Join us for a trip back in time as we explore our Yellow Pages roots and milestones from the first directories to the present.
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